There are three styles of corporate corporates for you to consider:

  • Studio
  • Environmental
  • Outdoors

The studio portrait uses a backdrop that keeps attention on your face and expression. This is the most conservative approach and can be the most formal looking.

Environmental is when we create a portrait in your work environment, like an office, building or place of business. The background helps tell the story of the kind of goods or services that your business has to offer.

An outdoors portrait will convey an informal, approachable look for you. The surroundings can convey that you enjoy being outside or just be someplace memorable or iconic.

Clothing colors make an emotional impact to the viewer. Choosing solid colors will keep the attention on your face, while wearing something with stripes or a strong pattern will take attention away from the face and make the clothing stand out.

The color red is most sensitive to the eye and will make a very strong and bold statement.

Darker clothing colors wil hide your figure, while white can show your figure off.

The background color also plays a part in the feeling of your portrait. If your business is very serious then consider a darker color, if your portrait will be shown on a web site then a white background is quite popular because it blends in with the typical white page on a web site.

If your company has an official logo with specific colors then you can consider blending with those colors.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2001 and was Vice President of the Portland Metropolitan Photographer’s Association in 2010-2011, an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America. Continual training is essential to improving my artistic craft and business.